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June 29 2017

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June 28 2017

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All the Flowers at My Funeral: A Note from Sonny Day

Hi everyone!

Super pumped to be back in Austin and blown away by everyone's response to the idea behind All the Flowers at My Funeral.

I just wanted to write a quick note for those planning to attend (That's you, right? You’re coming, right? Please tell your friends about this show).

The shows opening a little earlier this time, 6PM.
In regards to funeral attire for the opening, this is entirely up to you.
But if that's not your bag or it's in the hundreds, simply wear your favourite band t-shirt.
The idea of this show is to celebrate life and music, so wear your heart on your t-shirt sleeve as it were.

You are also welcome to bring flowers.
When you enter there will be a small installation where these can be left.
Trust me, it’ll be cool. Morbid but cool.
That's cool right? I don’t know anymore.
Maybe the next show could be called All The Therapists At My Trial (Our Therapist, My Trial).

When you enter the gallery you’ll hear a playlist of songs from my funeral, as you make your way to the courtyard you’ll enter the wake.
This wake is more of a party with the amazing Mo Shafeek on the decks.

So heres the other thing I’d like folks to do if so inclined.
There will be a Spotify playlist created of All the Flowers at My Funeral, we’ll share the link on Friday.
All the works will be numbered as per the track listing.
I would love it for people to create their own playlists to share using the hashtag #alltheflowersatmyfuneral on Facebook and Twitter and Spotify.
We can then all share and enjoy.

Again a massive thanks to everyone at Mondo for letting me bring this to you all.

Sonny Day.

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Graffitikünstler vermisst eines seiner Bilder und fragt danach auf einer Bahn
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When the dev is tired of your shit

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remember to be kind to yourself

June 2017 Collectibles Update

Brock Otterbacher, Creative Director, Toys & Collectibles 

We're all prepping for San Diego Comic-Con, and though it's crazy on all fronts right now, I wanted to come up for air a bit and update everyone with what's going on with a few of our Toy/Collectible products.

Ramona Flowers

Ramona Flowers was supposed to be in hands by now, but was delayed for a few months due to an issue we ran into with the exclusive version (which the vast majority of you ordered). The problem came with the top of Scott's head, in which the seam - which was present in the prototype, but fairly subtle - became more obvious in the samples, like so:

For some reason, the two halves weren't lining up no matter what was tried:

So the decision was made to stop what we were doing, and have the factory re-think the seam. And they did, moving it to go along the hairline, for a much cleaner finish:

When we decide to improve something in a significant way, it often delays production timeline - and we know it's a bummer. In the end, we want to ensure that when you receive your figure, it's the best it can be. We're hoping to have these to you guys in August, early September at the latest.

Oh, and here's a preview of the packaging!

Here are a few more product order updates!

Batman Red Rain Statue

I'm really, really happy with this, and can't wait to get it into your hands and on your shelves. So where is he? He's pretty much done, but we're waiting on final packaging approval. It's been taking extra long due to the busy season, and everyone trying to get everything approved and shipped for the holidays. The packaging layout designed with the help of Francesco Francavilla (using his poster art) and it looks fantastic! Can't wait to share it with you.

TMNT 1/6 Scale Figure

If you ordered Donatello, you should have him in hand by now, or at least, he should be on his way to you. With each turtle, we've been able to make more and more modifications to each as we go along, and your feedback has been truly appreciated.

With Don, we were able to improve some of the paint washes and face mold seams, and with Mikey and Raph, we've changed the head material to make swapping heads really easy. I'm playing with a final production sample of Mikey right now, and I think he's my fav of the figures so far (not that I'm biased, being a big Mikey fan, I swear ;)  ). Expect Mikey in July/Early August (he's already on the boat!), and Raph about a month after. Hoping to have the brothers together by the end of summer.

Aliens Tiki Mugs

If you ordered the Blue or the Hive version, expect them in the next few weeks! If you're wondering about the Xeno Bone version, well, I hope you enjoy beautiful Southern California during a certain weekend in July...


We've got a lot of new stuff headed your way! For stuff you've seen at shows, or hinted at online (MOTU and Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Figures should come to mind), just know that we're working on them behind the scenes a lot, to ensure they get to you faster once you've pre-ordered them.

If you find yourself at San Diego Comic-Con next month, come by the booth (#835) and say hi! And speaking of San Diego - before we let you go, here's a preview of a couple of things we'll be showing next month.

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